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International Journal of Home Science

2021, VOL. 7 ISSUE 1, PART C

Social maturity and academic interests of adolescents

Author(s): Dr. Susan Sam and Dr. Nalini Totuka
Adolescence is the stage of development which produces a number of social problems for a person. These problems arise out of adolescent adjustment with social group. The social group expects him to be socially matured when he becomes an adolescent by establishing more mature relationship with age mates and also to develop more academic interest. Social Maturity is a term commonly used in two ways like, with respect to the behaviour that is appropriate to the age of the individual under observation and secondly the behaviour that conforms to the standards and expectations of the adults. Thus Social Maturity permits more detailed perception of the social environment which helps adolescents to influence the social circumstances and develop stable patterns of social behaviour.
Social Maturity is an essential aspect for the individual as well as society. The present research study was undertaken to compare the Social Maturity and Academic interest of Adolescents The study was conducted over a sample of 60 (30 boys and 30girls). The two tools were used to study.
1. Social maturity Scale developed by Roma Pal, Agra (1986)
2. A.I Inventory scale (academic interest) was used to analyze the data. It was analyzed using means, S.D’s, ‘t’-test. The result revealed significant gender and age differences on the basis of social and academic interest. It also revealed social maturity indirectly affects the academic interest of adolescents. The study has implications for the parents, teachers and policy makers.
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Dr. Susan Sam, Dr. Nalini Totuka. Social maturity and academic interests of adolescents. Int J Home Sci 2021;7(1):159-166.

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