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International Journal of Home Science

2023, VOL. 9 ISSUE 2, PART D

Menstrual awareness and hygiene practices among college going girls

Author(s): Latesh, Anita Raj and Megha
Background: Menstrual hygiene is a critical aspect of the wellbeing and empowerment of females. Menstruation is a natural physiological process experienced by females. Additionally, the study addresses the prevalent misconception that often hinder adequate menstrual hygiene practices among college going girls in India. It sheds light on the myths and cultural beliefs associated with menstruation. Yet it continue to be surrounded by myths, stigma and inadequate knowledge.
Objectives: The present study was carried out to assess knowledge about menstrual awareness and hygiene practices among college going girls.
Materials and Methods: This was an institutional based cross- section, questionnaire bases study. Close-ended questionnaire was designed and pretested. The present study was conducted among 60 girls randomly selected from Government Post Graduate College for Women, Sector -14 Panchkula.
Result: Total 60 girls participated in the study majority of the respondents were in the age group of 18 to 25 years. A most of the respondents (80%) live in urban area. Fathers of most of the girls (43.4%) are service holders. Their parental education was good, majority were graduate (66.6%) and (23.3%) above graduate. Eighty percent of respondents had menarche between the age ranges of 12-15 years. Most of the girls mentioned that they had their cycle between 3-5 days, whereas 10% of respondents above 5 days. Eighty six percent of the study population had regular menstrual cycle and 85% of the respondents believed that vagina is the source of bleeding and Majority of girls (98.3%) believed causes of menses are hormones. More than 4/5th of the respondents did enter temple during menstruation, 78.3% answered that they did not allow preparing preserved food items, 70% girls prohibited to wash hairs during menstruation. Regarding practices, 91.6% girls used sanitary pads during menstruation. For cleaning purpose 76.6% girls use water. In case of 80% of the respondents mother was the first informant.
Conclusion: Majority of college going girls had good knowledge regarding menstruation. Correct hygienic practices were followed by them. The common source of information regarding menstruation was their mother. This study reveals that menstrual hygiene practices followed by college going girls were satisfactory.

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International Journal of Home Science
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Latesh, Anita Raj, Megha. Menstrual awareness and hygiene practices among college going girls. Int J Home Sci 2023;9(2):195-198.

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