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International Journal of Home Science

2023, VOL. 9 ISSUE 1, PART C

Application of natural dyes on khadi for infants wears

Author(s): Pragati Thaware
Nature is that thing which is really beauty for live. Nature Provide a lot of things which is really essential for living for living being. As nature provide living things nature also gives as a lot things on which people research
Natural dye are those dyes which comes out of the waste of natural ingredients, such as peels of fruits, vegetable, dried petals of flowers, even died insects can also provide some things such as dyes for coloring, fertilizers etc.
As the name of the title Natural suggest harmless to the nature, to the skin that comes in contact with it. Natural dyes are having some inherent advantage such as given below-
No health Hazard
Very high sustainability
Easy extraction and purification.
Renewable source many more. (Virendra Kumar Gupta 2019)
With the natural dyes there are many fibers and fabric are available which is made by naturally ingredients and also harmless as natural dyes for used. Because of taking care of skin is important always brings things which is made by natural ingredients, naturally procedure etc. as list of good fabric for wearer cotton, khadi on the top.
Because of texture of cotton and other properties putting in mind there is khadi fabric which is best for known for his properties. Smoothness, lighter and has high breathability is the best property of khadi for used.
As khadi is good for adult it also best for infants, kids also.
Being all sustainable or “DESHI” Khadi and natural dyes are best for using on any kind of application.
As Nature providing best things for us since the Earth exoplanet, we also have to provide best things for our next generation. So, from eating to wearing for infants, kids, etc khadi fabric with application of natural dyes is best for them.

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Pragati Thaware. Application of natural dyes on khadi for infants wears. Int J Home Sci 2023;9(1):184-190.

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