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International Journal of Home Science

2023, VOL. 9 ISSUE 1, PART C

Eating behaviour changes during COVID-19 Pandemic: A review

Author(s): Neha Maheshwari and Dr. Shabnam Chhabra
Eating behaviour is a complex action which gets easily modified by external factors. The recent outbreak of COVID-19 brought about many changes in lifestyle and eating behaviour as preventive measures. Media played an important role in bringing about these changes as media had been providing all the information on COVID-19 constantly. Media whether social, audio, video, print or digital: imparted awareness and educated communities to prevent/combat the disease. Guidelines by Ministry of Aayush stated that the incorporation of immunity boosters, practicing yoga daily and consuming a balanced diet would help in keeping oneself safe from COVID-19. There was a sudden increase in the consumption of immunity boosters such as Vitamin C supplements, Zinc supplements, Aayush kadha, Giloy tablets, Papita Ras, Ginger, Tulsi tablets, Haldi, Chawanprash etc. Information related to these supplements was continuously given on several media platforms. There is no doubt that health related communication benefitted the masses a lot, but the unscientific immunity boosters were contradicted. During pandemic, eating behaviour was not only affected in these terms; but also, where the individuals being confined to home all the time, being isolated, being cut down from outside world altered their dietary practices. Several factors contributed to this like- increased availability of cooking time, increased family time, monotonous routine etc. Not only this, but the continuous news on media platforms, the constant updates on coronavirus affected cases and death cases gave an emotional shock to the population and emotional eating was seen among population. Continuous flow of information and news about the corona cases by media created stress and anxiety among people which further made an influence on their eating habits.
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International Journal of Home Science
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Neha Maheshwari, Dr. Shabnam Chhabra. Eating behaviour changes during COVID-19 Pandemic: A review. Int J Home Sci 2023;9(1):177-179.

International Journal of Home Science
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