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International Journal of Home Science

2022, VOL. 8 ISSUE 3, PART A

Nutritional and protective benefits of pumpkin seeds for women in age of menopause

Author(s): Shivani Chitransh and Dr. Rekha Shrivastava
Pumpkin seeds have almost always been discarded as waste in spite of having a great nutritive value. A little seed is such a big power house of nutrition and its healthy to incorporate them in diet especially for women who are at the stage of menopause. These seeds are highly nourishing and have been given the tag of a superfood for women. Seeds are great source of protein, fiber and contain healthy monounsaturated, polyunsaturated fats and many important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Its also a good source of phytoestrogen because during menopause levels of estrogen and progesterone decreases which increases your risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and so on. Pumpkin seeds have been linked to slightest increase in estrogen, improved hormone metabolism, fewer hot flashes, reduced vaginal dryness and overall quality of life in menopausal and post menopausal women. Most of the women are unaware about the benefits of pumpkin seeds. So the purpose of this review is on the health and nutritional benefits of pumpkin seeds incorporating in various foods which can be considered as a good alternative to be consumed as food having rich source of various nutrients.
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Shivani Chitransh, Dr. Rekha Shrivastava. Nutritional and protective benefits of pumpkin seeds for women in age of menopause. Int J Home Sci 2022;8(3):39-40.

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