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International Journal of Home Science

2022, VOL. 8 ISSUE 2, PART C

Construction of cognitive skills test of Textiles

Author(s): Dr. Nisha Shukla and Kanchan Saxena
This study was conducted to construct a reliable and valid test in Textiles named as the Cognitive Skills Test of Textiles (CSTT) to measure the effect of teaching instructions on six basic cognitive skills. The important steps of test construction followed by the researchers are planning, preparation of test items (content analysis and blue print), try outs, item analysis, reliability and validity. After try outs and item analysis only 60 items covering 10 questions on each basic cognitive skill remained in the final form of test. It was observed during try-outs that 10 minutes are sufficient to fill the general information part and review the test while 1 minute is enough to attempt one item. Researchers finally decided to provide 75 minutes for completion of the test to err on the side of caution. The answer sheets were scored with the help of scoring key which was prepared by the investigator. Each correct answer was awarded one mark and incorrect was awarded zero.
Test was further standardized by experimental validation that included establishing reliability and validity. Product moment method of correlation was applied to calculate coefficient of correlation which was treated as reliability of half test and it was found to be 0.79. To calculate the reliability Spearman-Brown Prophecy formula was used and it was found to be 0.88. Therefore, the test is found highly reliable. Content validity was established, in terms of consistency of test items with objectives as well as content, by giving the test to 20 subject experts in degree colleges. The experts agreed with the investigator with the distribution of content and objective of the content as well as with the scoring procedure.
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International Journal of Home Science
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Dr. Nisha Shukla, Kanchan Saxena. Construction of cognitive skills test of Textiles. Int J Home Sci 2022;8(2):155-159. DOI: 10.22271/23957476.2022.v8.i2c.1305

International Journal of Home Science
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