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International Journal of Home Science

2021, VOL. 7 ISSUE 3, PART D

Judicious role played by three generation

Author(s): Nishi Dixit and Meenakshi Singh
These days with the increasing pace of modernization, the scope of evolution in the family relationships has been drastically affected. Family lost their bonding with members. Every generation thinks that they are right in their own thoughts and people of other generation do not understand them in a right way. Values and morals of the family becomes a past feature to young generation. According to young generation it is a ridiculous, orthodox thinking in present era. These kind of thinking slowly increase the gap among generation. Respect to elderly person in family is disappearing day by day which is harmful for both generations. Differences in thinking create conflicts among generations. So, the present study is conducted to assess the best role played by the generations in different aspects. Present study is conducted on 60 respondents of different generations (young age, middle age and old age) of Jhansi city and chi square test was used for data analysis. Results showed that young generation shows their first preference to themselves in different aspects like they are more innovative, modern, egocentric, inconsistent, patriotic, competitor, doubtful and aggressive. Middle age generation thinks that they played best role in some aspects like positive attitude, devotion, moral values, unbiased, faithful, economic, rigid, doubtful, motivator, social, disciplined and adjusting. While old age generation choose themselves in positive attitude, devotion, moral values, unbiased, faithful, motivator, social, discipline and adjusting. Association was seen between role played with aspects like (Positive Attitude (χ² = .017), Doubtful (χ² = .046), Social (χ² = .042), Disciple (χ² = .027), and Adjusting (χ² = .010)). The results concluded that middle age respondents were having positive attitude. They were more social, disciplined and adjusting in comparison with other generations while only youngsters were found in the category of doubtful.
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International Journal of Home Science
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Nishi Dixit, Meenakshi Singh. Judicious role played by three generation. Int J Home Sci 2021;7(3):237-241. DOI: 10.22271/23957476.2021.v7.i3d.1212

International Journal of Home Science
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