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International Journal of Home Science

2021, VOL. 7 ISSUE 1, PART C

Organizations transforming specially able into skilled professionals

Author(s): Madhu Bala Singh, Dr. Nargis Fatima and Dr. Ekta Sharma
In India, numerous initiatives are undertaken to improve the livelihood of especially abled person. With the help of the several civil society and organizations, there has been a larger response to rehabilitate these especially able and push them towards the mainstream of the nation. Several efforts have been made in this regard to provide better opportunities to the especially able starting from providing education to offering other necessary support. However, empowering the specially able have been a real challenge lately because the people are scattered throughout the community and many of them chose to stay at home for being immobile.
So, the organizations who act as the vital organs of the civil society work towards creating a congenial climate and an environment free of barriers where the disabled can also lead a healthy life like its mainstream counterparts in the society.
This systematic review aims to list down the mission and vision of organisations, working for the empowerment of specially abled persons. For A systematic review, Articles and reports were considered when they described roll of organisations and their importance of the growth of the specially abled person skills and lifestyle. The study revealed that organisations highly motivated specially abled person for making them enthusiastic, successful professionals, who contribute to the total wealth of a developing nation. specially abled person professionals or entrepreneurs, will be a new breed in the developmental spectrum of developing India. Each and every specially abled person have a residual potential power than their non-disabled peers. Six to seven percentage of population in India is people with disability nearly 8 to 9 crore people the number is increasing with accidents and aging. Nearly one third of total number of people in India is affected with some sort of disability. specially abled person professionals emerged as a need of an existence, than financially motivated. Who contribute a major chunk to the economic development of our nation.
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Madhu Bala Singh, Dr. Nargis Fatima, Dr. Ekta Sharma. Organizations transforming specially able into skilled professionals. Int J Home Sci 2021;7(1):136-139.

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