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International Journal of Home Science

2021, VOL. 7 ISSUE 1, PART A

Amalgamation of art and fashion for product development

Author(s): Kajal Mahamunkar and Anju Tulshyan
Fashion and Art are two methods that revolve around the same orbit, which is creativity [3]. These two worlds share a bridge that channels them together. Art can be visual, musical, dramatic, architecture, digital or virtual [2]. When fashion is placed within the space of the museum and the art gallery, the product value evolves from consumer goods to art installation. In one quick slide fashion becomes a rare commodity to be collected and treasured for a life time [4]. Taking fashion further is by introducing and highlighting the presence of art techniques into current trends.
Today's world is a world of potentiality and freedom. Even if it is (and perhaps has always been) trendy to groan that "true art is dying out", such a thing can never happen. There will be artists, as long as there are people who want to create. If one looks carefully around them, they will see that almost every tradition and genre of art making, ever begun, is still go ing strong today [14].
In this research, inspiration has been taken from two painting techniques, where every artwork is unique even when done with same colours. These artworks are applied on different fashion products using digital textile printing. This printing technique also makes the products sustainable and eco-friendly. Digital textile printing requires very low power and water consumption as compared to conventional printing. While compared to screen printing, it uses significantly less ink and minimize waste. Considering the other forms of chemical waste from screen printing, digital textile printing offers a much more non-polluting process [8].
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Kajal Mahamunkar, Anju Tulshyan. Amalgamation of art and fashion for product development. Int J Home Sci 2021;7(1):12-16. DOI: 10.22271/23957476.2021.v7.i1a.1100

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