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International Journal of Home Science

2020, VOL. 6 ISSUE 3, PART H

Study on health, social problems and psychological needs of rural old aged women

Author(s): Anita Atwal and Dr. Seema
Aging psychological is a predictable developmental phenomenon bringing along a number of changes in the physical, hormonal and the social conditions. The aged become increasingly dependent on others. They were of great assists as they could impart knowledge’s and skills to young people on the basis of their age long experiences. They were considered carriers of culture and rituals of the society. As man grows, the problems of aged person increasing day by day like health problems cough, hypertension, defective vision, anemia, asthma and social problems; bad behaviour of their daughters-in-law, decline in the position of the family and society makes his life more susceptible. Their children do not look upon him with that degree of respect and considered burden and not treated properly. The old persons feel neglected and humiliated. This may prompt the development of psychology of shunning the company of others. Present study was conducted in rural areas of Jind, district of Haryana state, and 100 rural women were selected randomly. The study was taken with the objective to investigate the health, social problems and psychological needs of the rural aged women. Questionnaire-cum interview schedule was prepared for information regarding psychological social and health problems. The study results that the majority of rural aged women were in the age group 60 to 70 years and illiterate, cough and pain in joints were major health problems, adjustment with the member in the society, Differences in ideas, social and cultural values, lack of sympathy and affection by family members and positive attitude of youngsters towards them.
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Anita Atwal, Dr. Seema. Study on health, social problems and psychological needs of rural old aged women. Int J Home Sci 2020;6(3):439-442.

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