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International Journal of Home Science

2020, VOL. 6 ISSUE 3, PART F

Exploring the problems faced by school going and non-school going street children

Author(s): Ayushi Mishra, Khwairakpam Sharmila and Shalini Agarwal
Like all other children, street children have the basic right to develop, survive and thrive. A street child in India is someone "for whom the street has become his or her habitual abode and/or source of livelihood; and who is inadequately protected, supervised, or directed by responsible adults. Due to various push or pull factors they come to live on the streets and take on the full responsibilities of caring for themselves, including working to provide for and protecting themselves. Though street children do sometimes bind together for greater security, they are often exploited by employers and the police. With the objective to identify the problems faced by street children of Lucknow city, the present study was conducted at various crowded places of Lucknow city, Uttar Pradesh, India.The sample for the study was identified using snowballing sampling technique. The final sample comprised of 100 street children (81 boys and 19 girls) 6 to 12 years old. Result reveals that majority (82.60%) of the school going street children were boys while only 17.39 per cent girls attended school. It is evident from the data that the major proportion (47.0%) of the children were under 8-10 years followed by 10-12 years with 35.0% and a mere 18.0% under 6-8 years. Lack of access to basic medical facilities was the problem faced by majority (84.0%) of the street children in their day to day lives while the problems experienced by them while being on street were asking for explanation for being on street by the passer-by as reported by 48.0 percent children followed by Scolding (30.0%) and 22.0 per cent children reported that they were even abused verbally while being on street.
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International Journal of Home Science
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Ayushi Mishra, Khwairakpam Sharmila, Shalini Agarwal. Exploring the problems faced by school going and non-school going street children. Int J Home Sci 2020;6(3):327-331. DOI: 10.22271/23957476.2020.v6.i3f.1058

International Journal of Home Science
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