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International Journal of Home Science

2020, VOL. 6 ISSUE 2, PART C

Alcohol: Pattern and initiation reasons

Author(s): Priyanka Shukla and Dr. Indu Bansal
Alcohol is without color, inflammable, explosive liquid containing beer, whiskey, rum, etc. Alcohol is a normal item but it’s just like an addictive drug. Youth mostly undergraduate fall for alcohol which helps them in managing tension, pressure, strain, and these activities represent them as mature. Undergraduate students. This research paper involves the pattern of alcohol consumption, frequency of drinking, and reasons for alcohol initiation experiences. Adolescents should be notified before accessing the hold of alcohol addiction. As its intake is a public health issue that affects the individual and his/her family. Therefore, this research involves help in understanding the reasons for alcohol initiation, the pattern of drinking, and the most affected people. (6. Enyi).
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Priyanka Shukla, Dr. Indu Bansal. Alcohol: Pattern and initiation reasons. Int J Home Sci 2020;6(2):121-125.

International Journal of Home Science
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