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International Journal of Home Science

2020, VOL. 6 ISSUE 2, PART C

Biomechanical factors contributing while effective shooting in basketball

Author(s): Twinkle and Dr. Manju Mehta
This paper mainly used the two dimensional technique to analyze the Three Point Shoot performance of Basketball and to acquire relevant bio-mechanic parameters of the execution of the motion at three different positions i.e: right side guard position, left side guard position and centre position. Mainly including the loss rate of body horizontal and vertical velocity of the ball, Wrist angle, Elbow angle, Shoulder angle, Hip angle, Knee angle, Ankle angle, Release height, Release angle and Release velocity, in order to analyze the recording in a more convenient way, we divide Three Point Shooting exertion movement in three phases as Preparation and Ball Elevation phase, Stability and Ball Release phase and Inertia and Follow through phase. Thirty skilled active, right handed shooters male and female basketball players were participated in this study. A lot of combinations of shoulder, elbow and wrist angular velocities exist for each release condition. When the forearm and hand are vertical at release, the shoulder rotation contributes to the vertical component of ball release velocity, and the elbow and wrist rotations are vital considering the parabolic trajectory the ball may go into the basket ring when going for the trailing edge of the basketball ring, the scoring rate will be approx. 60.00% higher.
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Twinkle, Dr. Manju Mehta. Biomechanical factors contributing while effective shooting in basketball. Int J Home Sci 2020;6(2):110-112.

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