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International Journal of Home Science

2019, VOL. 5 ISSUE 2, PART B

Study on benefits of garden accessories and tools based on type of garden area

Author(s): Mounica R and Amudha R
An exquisite garden is a well-planned one, in which each plant has been selected to complement one another in size, shape and colour. Accessories such as benches, sculptures, mirrors and lanterns can be used in order to enhance the magnetism of the environment where the garden is located. Finding the appropriate objects and furniture will flow smoothly with each individual design and provides a better and more attractive landscape design (Azevedo, 2015). Some of the garden tools commonly used in residents were soil testers, gardening forks, bonsai tools, scissors, weeders, soil knife, pruning shears, water hoses and water wands, shovel, rakes, saws, loop hoe, spades and forks, Even among the basic garden tools, we are bound to find a wide variety of designs and sizes. There is a reason for so many options - using the right tool for the right job makes our work easier and more efficient (Soinski, 2005). Maintaining our garden is essential if we want to keep it neat and tidy. Nothing looks more welcoming than a well-kept garden. Of course working in the garden is good exercise too. The present study focused on the benefits of garden accessories and tools based on the type of garden area in residential buildings. The results of the study showed that benefits of garden accessories such as to decorate, to rest and relax, to create optical illusion, etc and benefits of tools such as cost effective, time and labour saving, etc were influenced by the type of garden areas like front garden, roof garden, terrace garden, wall garden, etc.
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Mounica R, Amudha R. Study on benefits of garden accessories and tools based on type of garden area. Int J Home Sci 2019;5(2):97-99.

International Journal of Home Science
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