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International Journal of Home Science

2019, VOL. 5 ISSUE 1, PART C

Job satisfaction of dietitians in government hospitals Khartoum State

Author(s): Niama M Ibrahim, Nadia A Khogali, Hiba Mahmoud and Hadeil Fatahi
Background: Job satisfaction is defined as subjective well-being at work; it can have a major impact on the quality of work performance. Low job satisfaction is a major cause of turnover among health care providers. Dietitians among health care team are a key part of patients care, and serve an influential role in assisting – nutrition- related behavior. The purpose of this study is to investigate the level of job satisfaction of dietitians in government hospitals, Khartoum State, Sudan. Methods and subjects: A descriptive hospital – based survey. Sample consists of 50 participants, who are currently employed in government hospitals, in the year 2018. A semi- structured questionnaire was designed, which consisted of two sections; participant’s profiles, and data about job satisfaction of dietitians. Results: The result of the study showed (92%) of participants are female,(54%) of them age (36-51) years, (58%) are married, (52%) have no children, (50%) have working experience (11- 25) years, (58%) have full – time job, (94%) of them are currently work as clinical consultants, (62%) of participants unsatisfied with their salaries, (72%) have good relationship with non-dietitian fellows and enjoy working with them, (56%) of participants unhappy about their work environment due to inadequate equipment and lack of technology. (72%) of participants are proud of their profession. The total score for participant’s job satisfaction is (68.6%), which indicate that they are moderately satisfied. Also they are moderately satisfied with their work load, nature of the job, food service, and promotion. They were slightly satisfied with their increased knowledge and skills, salary, and working environment. They were moderately low satisfied with their communication as dietitians. Conclusion and Recommendation: Job Satisfaction have a major impact on quality of work performance, researchers recommend that hospitals administration and ministry of health should improve working environment to reduce turnover of dietitians, continuous training should be done to increase their knowledge and skills, motivation for them by promotion, and salary level needed to be considered.
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Niama M Ibrahim, Nadia A Khogali, Hiba Mahmoud, Hadeil Fatahi. Job satisfaction of dietitians in government hospitals Khartoum State. Int J Home Sci 2019;5(1):131-136.

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