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International Journal of Home Science

2019, VOL. 5 ISSUE 1, PART A

Empowerment of women through income generating activities

Author(s): Garima and Dr. Sangeeta Gupta
Women are an important sector of our society. They constitute half of the population in the country. Rural area encompasses 80% of the total population of the country. In the past, women suffered deprivation and negligence. However, as soon as they joined public life, they demonstrated their abilities by the use of their income generating activities and destroyed the barriers of control and restriction imposed by rigid customs and traditions. A women performs multiple roles both in agriculture and household sector. Women proved their creative abilities and have indeed excelled in various fields. Despite the undesirable contribution of rural women in development, this role is invisible and not appreciated statistically because it is mostly in the sector that are not represented officially, in addition to course of rigid customs and traditions that of an isolate women from public life.
Therefore, present study entitled “Empowerment of rural women through income generating activities” was undertaken during 2016-17 in Kalyanpur and Chaubepur blocks of Kanpur Nagar with the objectives to see the empowerment of rural women through various income generating activities. Thus 25-25 respondents were selected from two blocks of six villages randomly. A total number of 150 respondents were selected. Out of total respondents 26% respondents belongs up to 30 years age group, 24% of women were illiterate, 58% belongs to OBC followed by 89% belongs to Hindu religion, occupation of rural woman was mainly business. Analysis of data related to type of family, revealed that majority of respondents belongs to the nuclear family, regarding land holding maximum of the respondents have landless and their annual income Rs 50,000 to 1,00,000.
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Garima, Dr. Sangeeta Gupta. Empowerment of women through income generating activities. Int J Home Sci 2019;5(1):19-21.

International Journal of Home Science
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