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International Journal of Home Science

2018, VOL. 4 ISSUE 3, PART D

Evaluating the performance attributes of single jersey conventional and organic cotton

Author(s): Mitali Nautiyal and Dr. N Vasugi
The performance attributes of knitted T-shirts made from conventional cotton and organic cotton yarns were tested. Physical and mechanical tests like abrasion resistance, bursting strength, pilling resistance, dimensional stability and elasticity tests were carried out on the two samples and comparisons made. For testing abrasion resistance ISO 12947-2:1998 test was employed. Bursting strength was tested using ASTM- D 3786 / D 3786 M-13, which is a diaphragm bursting strength test. ISO 12945-2:2000 test was applied for calculating resistance to pilling. To find out the dimensional stability of the two T-shirts, shrinkage /growth and spirality of the garments were tested by making marks before and after laundering. The elasticity was tested using BS 4294:1968 test and the results of all tests were statistically analyzed. The results revealed that conventional cotton had better mechanical properties like abrasion resistance and bursting strength than conventionally grown cotton. While comparing physical properties, there was no significant difference found in resistance to pilling up to 2000 cycles. The tests conducted for comparing dimensional stability indicated that organic cotton is more stable in lengthwise direction but tends to elongate in width wise direction. The spirality tests revealed that convention cotton has less spirality than organic. The extension and recovery tests for testing elasticity revealed that organic samples were more elastic than conventional cotton samples.
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Mitali Nautiyal, Dr. N Vasugi. Evaluating the performance attributes of single jersey conventional and organic cotton. Int J Home Sci 2018;4(3):202-207.

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