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International Journal of Home Science

2018, VOL. 4 ISSUE 3, PART A

Cosmetotextiles: A wearable skin care

Author(s): Zeba Jamal and Sushma Rani
The major cosmetic ingredients used in cosmetotextiles originate from inorganic and synthetic chemicals, animal derivatives and plant derivatives including iron oxide, zinc oxide, chitosan, squalene, aloe vera, ginseng, various fruit oils, Padina Pavonica, hinokitiol, vitamin E etc. Cosmetotextiles are classified into three major categories depending upon their influence on human body, method of grafting onto the textile material and the type of textile substrate used. These are further divided as cosmetotextiles for slimming, moisturising, energizing, perfuming, refreshing and relaxing, vitalizing, UV protection, improving the firmness and elasticity of skin. Various extracts from several natural sources are encapsulated in the polymer walls, which bursts on contact with human skin due to friction, pressure and temperature, thus releasing the active components to act on the skin and give desirable effect. The grafting of cyclodextrins popularly known as cage molecules has offered a new dimension in the manufacturing of cosmetotextiles. The fragrances from several flowers can be encapsulated in a polymer capsule and applied onto a cotton fabric with a UV resin binder so as to prepare a cosmetotextile. Various wound healing and anti- bacterial finishes can also be incorporated in cotton fabric as it is most prone to microbial attack. Several textile products available in the market of developed countries having cosmetic benefits. The finishes imparted to these products come in a renewable form, which can be regenerated by a rechargeable spray which is provided along with the product.
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International Journal of Home Science
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Zeba Jamal, Sushma Rani. Cosmetotextiles: A wearable skin care. Int J Home Sci 2018;4(3):31-35.

International Journal of Home Science
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