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International Journal of Home Science

2018, VOL. 4 ISSUE 2, PART D

Assessment of nutritional status of urban hypertensive women residing in Udaipur city

Author(s): Ragini Sen and Dr. Renu Mogra
There are many diseases that affect women’s health among which hypertension is one of the silent killer diseases. It often has no warning signs. Hypertension is becoming an important public health problem worldwide. Awareness of nutrition may help in controlling the disease and its progression. In this context the study was conducted with the objective to assess the nutritional status of hypertensive women in Udaipur city of Rajasthan. A sample size of ninety hypertensive women (30-60 year) having systolic and diasystolic blood pressure more than 120/80 mmHg and willing to participate in the study was selected. Maharana Bhupal Government Hospital and Geetanjali Medical College and Hospital of Udaipur were selected to obtain the samples. Nutritional status was assessed by the help of self-structured questionnaire. Dietary intake of the respondents was collected using 24 hour recall method. Anthropometric measurements like height and weight provide important clues about health and nutritional well- being. The mean height of mild respondents was 154.43±8.80 cm, moderate was 156.93±6.71 cm and sever respondent’s height was 154.36±9.40 cm. The mean weight of mild respondent’s was 65.63±6.38 kg, moderate was 67.46±7.45 kg and severs respondents weight was 77.3±8.37 kg. 20 percent mild respondents 26.66 percent moderate respondents were lying in category of normal weight. In the present study 16.66 percent of mild respondents, 26.66 percent of moderate respondent and 50 percent were laying in obese class I. Further ‘Z’ values were calculated between the nutrient intake and RDA which revealed that the value of fat and sodium consumption was comparatively higher than RDA, whereas consumption of other nutrients were lower than RDA in all hypertensive respondents.
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Ragini Sen, Dr. Renu Mogra. Assessment of nutritional status of urban hypertensive women residing in Udaipur city. Int J Home Sci 2018;4(2):222-224.

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