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International Journal of Home Science

2017, VOL. 3 ISSUE 2, PART L

Management of sutika (Puerperal women) in Ayurveda: A review

Author(s): Khushbu Shukla, Neeraj Kumar, and Manjari Dwivedi
During pregnancy various types of physiological and anatomical changes takes places in the body of pregnant women, after delivery, Body tries to revert back to its pre-pregnant state both anatomically and physiologically. In Ayurveda the management of women during puerperium is described very scientifically. According to Ayurveda, the word ‘Sutika’ represents to a woman who gives birth to a baby along with placenta, while in modern concept; it is termed as ‘puerperal women’. Ayurvedic literatures the term ‘Sutika’ as- a lady after the explosion of placenta in-between the time-period from termination of labor to complete involution of the uterus, while Acharya Charka has not given any precise time limit. All classics have given definite duration for specific dietetic etc. Management of puerperal women can be considered as normal duration of puerperium. Acharya Sushruta has adequately described the duration of ‘Sutika Kala’ as a period of 1.5 month i.e., in other words body movement till she gets regular menstrual cycle. The management of Sutika administered by massage, oral administration with medicated Ghrita decoctions for 3 to 7 days.
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International Journal of Home Science
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Khushbu Shukla, Neeraj Kumar,, Manjari Dwivedi. Management of sutika (Puerperal women) in Ayurveda: A review. Int J Home Sci 2017;3(2):765-769.

International Journal of Home Science
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