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International Journal of Home Science

2017, VOL. 3 ISSUE 2, PART I

Assessing consumer behaviour for value added innovative products

Author(s): Sumaira Jan and Dr. Sukhneet Suri

It is well documented in literature that the success or failure of an innovative food product is heavily dependent upon the consumer demands and needs which can be studied through a consumer behaviour survey. Our study therefore aimed at understanding the consumer behaviour for the prospective development and successful launch of innovative value-added, high fiber fruit preserves containing unconventional foods (basil seeds) and by-products (apple pomace) as principal ingredients. The consumer behaviour survey was conducted on 115 respondents (college students, female); 22 to 25 from North, South, East, West and Central Delhi. For this survey a brief questionnaire was developed, designed and pre tested (n=4). Data were gathered by the help of the questionnaire and unstructured interview. Data of the consumer behaviour survey indicated that the mean age of the participants was 23.5 (17.1 to 27.0) years. Nearly 77.3 per cent had liking for sweet preserves and 70.43 per cent consumed sweet preserves though with variable and usually low frequencies. The major reasons for not consuming sweet preserves (N=34) were attributed to their high energy density/other health concerns (n=20, 58.7 per cent), high intensity of sweet taste (n=9, 26.4 per cent), and high cost (n=5, 14.07 per cent). The frequency of consumption and hence the consumer demand for jams and squashes was higher than that of jellies, marmalades and murabbas. While 96 per cent of the respondents did not have knowledge about apple pomace – the key ingredient to be used in the proposed apple pomace and basil seeds preserve, only 6 per cent were not aware about the health benefits of basil seeds. Nearly all i.e. 95 per cent participants indicated interest in gaining more knowledge about apple pomace and basil seeds. The data indicated that there was scope for the development and subsequent launch of sweet preserved products which are safe, nutritious, economical and contain byproducts of the food industry/unconventional, traditional foods. The data were also a pointer to the fact that there would be a need to sensitize the public (awareness generation campaigns, audio visual media, booklets with the pack of the product, public talks, seminars, conferences etc.) about apple pomace and basil seeds before the launch of innovative products containing such ingredients in the market. Data regarding the probability of consuming (73.9 per cent) and purchasing (71 per cent) the new product were very encouraging as majority of the respondents gave positive response for both the aspects.
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Sumaira Jan, Dr. Sukhneet Suri. Assessing consumer behaviour for value added innovative products. Int J Home Sci 2017;3(2):572-576.

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