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International Journal of Home Science

2017, VOL. 3 ISSUE 2, PART E

The Avant - Garde pant mungbean 5 and 6 – physical and nutritional quality evaluation of boosting varieties

Author(s): Disha, Pushpa Shukla and Ankita Vishnoi
In India, Mungbean (Vigna Radiata) commonlyrnknown as green gram is one of the most widely cultivated and exclusively usedrnpulse crop throughout the country. The present study was undertaken to find outrnthe physical characteristics and cooking time and nutritional quality of thesernvarieties (both raw and germinated) namely newly released varieties of PantrnMung 5 (PM 5), Pant Mung 6 (PM 6) and the third variety was a local variety.rnHundred seed weight of the three varieties ranged from 3.14 to 4.91g/100 seeds.rnSeed volume and seed density values were recorded to be in the range of 2.33 mlrnto 4 ml /100 seeds and 1.23g to 1.37g/ml. Hydration capacity values werernobtained as 5.97g, 4.07g, 4.37g/100seeds for PM 5,PM 6 and of local varietyrnrespectively. The swelling capacity values were observed as 5ml, 4.67, 4.17rnml/100 seeds for PM 5, PM 6 and the local variety respectively. The threernvarieties differed significantly in length of rootlet during germination thatrnwas recorded to be in a range of 1.64 cm to 1.80 cm. The moisture content andrnthe crude protein content increased in case of germinated mungbean grainrnvarieties over the raw varieties. However after germination the carbohydrate,rncrude fat and crude fiber content reduced as compared to raw mungbean grains.rnCalcium content ranged from 156mg to172.3mg/100g. A significant increase wasrnobserved in the protein digestibility of germinated mungbean grains inrncomparison to raw mungbean grains.
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Disha, Pushpa Shukla, Ankita Vishnoi. The Avant - Garde pant mungbean 5 and 6 – physical and nutritional quality evaluation of boosting varieties. Int J Home Sci 2017;3(2):300-304.

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