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International Journal of Home Science

2017, VOL. 3 ISSUE 2, PART E

Impact of diet recommended in naturopathy centers on the nutritional status of essential hypertensive patients

Author(s): Nutan
The patient suffering from hypertension arernnow a days prefer to get themselves treated from naturopathy centers. Thereforernthe present study has been under taken to see the effectiveness of dietrnprescribed by naturopathy center on the nutritional and health status of thernpatients. In naturopathy center patient were doing meditation, yoga, sun, airrnwater and mud therapy and were given hypo caloric diet. For the purpose ofrnstudy 30 hypertensive male and equal number of female were selected fromrnnaturopathy center namely Prakritik Jeevan Kendra, Pattikalyana, G.T. Road,rnPanipat and Navneet Prabhakar Yog Chikitsa Dham, Bassi, Jaipur, Rajasthan. Weight,rnheight, glycemic status and lipid profile was measured as well as BMI,WHR andrnnutrient intake was calculated before and after getting the treatment fromrnnaturopathy center. Treatment from naturopathy center was effective in reducingrnthe weight (male 8.79; female 10.84 per cent) and BMI (from 25.16 to 22.95 inrnmale and 28.07 to 25.065 in female). Percentage reduction as compare to RDA ofrncarbohydrate, energy, protein and fat intake in male subjects was 39.3, 27.11,rn46.24, 177.27 per cent. Corresponding values for female were 28.41, 40.46, 39. 98,rn137. 71 per cent. Contrary to the intake of carbohydrate, energy and fat,rnVitamin C intake increased by six folds, Vitamin A turned twice, iron intakerntoo raised in both male and female subjects, because of this hemoglobin movedrnup significantly at both levels(P>.01) and total cholesterol, LDL,rnVLDL, Triglyceride and blood Glucose level decreased by 29.72,29.91,16.74 andrn46.66 percent. Corresponding reduction in female was 32.96 39.40, 17.6 520.24rnand 49.91 percent. So, naturopathic treatment is a powerful weapon to combatrnobesity as well as regulating the blood pressure, controlling lipid profile,rnmaintaining and improving the nutritional status of the patients.
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International Journal of Home Science
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Nutan. Impact of diet recommended in naturopathy centers on the nutritional status of essential hypertensive patients. Int J Home Sci 2017;3(2):296-299.

International Journal of Home Science
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