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International Journal of Home Science

2016, VOL. 2 ISSUE 3, PART C

Emotional intelligence among adolescents across educational boards

Author(s): Shallu Rana and Dr. CK Singh
Emotional Intelligence can be defined as a set of interpersonal and intrapersonal skill of the person to handle the emotions of self and others effectively. In recent times emotional intelligence has become a very popular topic of psychological research particularly because it is the driving force affecting each and every single facet of our lives. Emotions are among one of the hidden human resources as everything we do is linked directly or indirectly to them. Researchers have confirmed that emotional intelligence on workplace is linked to our learning behavior, priorities and competencies. In this fast paced world where technologies are rapidly upgrading, younger generations are connected to this global village through the various platforms of social networking sites. This virtual world has really created a huge gap in our “real” self and “ideal” self. The concept of Emotional Intelligence is quite different from intelligent quotient but we as society should not forget that both are equally important for the development of healthy personality of an individual. The present study was conducted on the adolescents of age group between 14-15 years studying in schools with different educational boards. Emotional intelligence inventory developed by Mangal and Mangal (2004) was used to assess the four sub aspects of EI namely interpersonal awareness, intrapersonal awareness, interpersonal management and intrapersonal management. The comparison was made on the basis of educational boards and gender of students. Total 300 students were selected for study which was equally representing state, central and international board of secondary education. The results concluded that students studying in ICSE and CBSE board students were more emotionally intelligent than HBSE students.
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Shallu Rana, Dr. CK Singh. Emotional intelligence among adolescents across educational boards. Int J Home Sci 2016;2(3):150-152.

International Journal of Home Science
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