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International Journal of Home Science

2016, VOL. 2 ISSUE 3, PART B

Nutritional activity, antioxidant and anti arthritic activity of selected green leafy vegetables

Author(s): Lagna Suresh and Dr. Kalaivani Ashok C
Introduction: Nutrient density and phyto chemical richness of green leafy vegetables make them an important component of the diet. Therefore, the present study aimed to estimate the nutrient content, antioxidant activity and anti-arthritic activity in 10 commonly consumed green leafy vegetables. 
Methodology: A quasi-experimental design using purposive sampling technique was used. Ten green leafy vegetables namely, Sirukeerai, Araikeerai, Mulaikeerai, Mint, Manathakali, Agathi, Ponnagani, Drumstick leaves, Fenugreek leaves and Spinach were analyzed for antioxidant activity using DPPH scavenging method and anti-arthritic activity was estimated using sodium diclofenac tablets as standard. The green leafy vegetables were also analyzed for nutrient content namely moisture, carbohydrate (Anthrone method), protein (Lowry’s Method) and crude fiber (Maynard analysis). 
Results: Drumstick leaves contained appreciable amounts of carbohydrate ((9.3 g/100g), protein (6.9 g/100g) and crude fibre (13.3 g/100g) when compared with the other green leafy vegetables used in the present study. On the basis of antioxidant activity, Sirukeerai (98.42%), Mint (96.85%) and Spinach (96.06%) was found to have highest scavenging activity and Manathakali (11.1 mg/ml) and Mint (10.2 mg/ml) showed highest anti arthritic activity. 
rnConclusion: Green leafy vegetables are excellent sources of antioxidants and potential sources of anti-arthritic activity.
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Lagna Suresh, Dr. Kalaivani Ashok C. Nutritional activity, antioxidant and anti arthritic activity of selected green leafy vegetables. Int J Home Sci 2016;2(3):85-88.

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