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International Journal of Home Science

2016, VOL. 2 ISSUE 2, PART E

Changing role of grand parents in child rearing and its association with mental health

Author(s): Dr. K Anuradha, Dr. T Adilakshmi and G Vani Prasanthi
Inrntraditional joint families grandparents make profound contribution to theirrnfamilies. Usually grandparents mentor by teaching sharing skills and talents,rnproviding advice and listening to their grandchildren. Many grandparents thrillrnat the opportunity to be a crany or playmate with their grandchild.rnGrandparents provide maturity, knowledge, Stability and unconditional love tornthe lives of their grandchildren. This interaction provides positive mentalrnhealth to grandparents as well as grandchildren. The industrialization and urbanizationrnhave contributed much to family disorganization and there is a growing tendencyrnamong women either to live far away from their families or to set up separaternhouseholds for them after marriage. Grandparents usually have more indulgentrnrelationships to their grandchildren than parents. Studies in variety ofrncultures suggested that there is a general tendency that adjacent generationsrnnormally are tense and alternate generations are relaxed. For many, therngrandparent’s role is more pleasurable than the parent’s role. The presentrnstudy was conducted, to assess the changing roles of grandparents in childrnrearing and its association with their mental health. The study sample was 70rnfamilies in Tirupati town in which 70 grandparents (i.e. 35 maternal grandparentsrnand 35 paternal grandparents) were interviewed. Grandparent’s Role ActivityrnInventory (Vishnu priya, 1997) was used to assess the grandparent’s role inrnchild rearing activities. Convenient sampling technique was used to collect therndata. Mental health of grandparents was assessed using in Mental Health Scale (PramodrnKumar, 2010). Results revealed that there was a significant difference in thernroles of child rearing of maternal grandparent’s paternal grandparent. MaternalrnGrandparent’s involvement is more in child rearing and contributed to positivernmental health among them than paternal Grandparents.
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Dr. K Anuradha, Dr. T Adilakshmi, G Vani Prasanthi. Changing role of grand parents in child rearing and its association with mental health. Int J Home Sci 2016;2(2):280-282.

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