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International Journal of Home Science

2016, VOL. 2 ISSUE 1, PART E

Development and implementation of a need felt nutrition and health education program for school going children (7-9 Years)

Author(s): Swati Vyas, Priya Maheshwari
Goodrnnutrition promotes not only better physical health and reduced susceptibilityrnto disease, but also contributes to cognitive development and academic successrnof children. Effective nutrition education helps to shape environmental factorsrnand assists children in developing the skills needed to select healthy diets.rnThe present research was implemented in Gyan Vidya Mandir School located inrnSanganer Kachhi Basti of Jaipur city. A sample of 50 children aged 7-9 yearsrnwere selected. Existing knowledge and health care practices were assessed withrnhelp of Questionnaire. A need based nutrition and health education programmernwas implemented with the help of well designed Information Education andrnCommunication (IEC) material. Prior to intervention children had no knowledgernabout nutrition; food groups or water borne infections (20%); post interventionrnstatically significant improvement in knowledge levels were observed. After therncompletion of intervention phase, 74% children were able to identify nutrients;rn88% were able to identify food group. In pre intervention phase only 38% childrenrnsaid that physical activity is necessary, post intervention this number raisedrnto 62%. Initially the subjects did not gave due importance to bathing postrnintervention 96% children started bathing regularly. The present studyrnconcludes that an effective nutrition education can be continued in schoolrncurriculum and can prove to be an effective means for improving the nutritionalrnstatus of school-age children. Improving nutrition among school going childrenrnconsidered in a life course perspective which will benefit the health andrnnutrition of the next generation too.
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Swati Vyas, Priya Maheshwari. Development and implementation of a need felt nutrition and health education program for school going children (7-9 Years). Int J Home Sci 2016;2(1):284-288.

International Journal of Home Science
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