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International Journal of Home Science

2016, VOL. 2 ISSUE 1, PART D

A study an interactive elementary education (3-6) with multimedia

Author(s): Singh Shilpa, Mishra Sunita
Multimediarnplaying role to developing cross skills, communication, problem solving,rnthinking, Collaboration in early years. Multimedia refers to computer- basedrninformation that is presented by various types of media. Multimedia used forrneffective and interactive learning. Specifically designed tools, videogames arernalso commonly used in childhood schools. In this research to identify thernmultimedia elements increased child’s education (3-6) in positively. The studyrnwas conducted in the year 2013. The main area selected for the study wasrnAlambagh. In this area selected five mohllas Pawanpuri, Kailaspuri, Geetapalli,rnKrishnapalli and Sujanpura. A total of 120 Pre-primary and primary teachersrnwere selected for the study. Random sampling method was used for samplernselection and self constructed questionnaire schedule was used for datarncollection. t test used in research for data analysis. The results revealedrnthat the multimedia have abilities to provide interactive elementary education.rnMultimedia has quality to increased effectiveness of elementary educationrnmaterials.
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Singh Shilpa, Mishra Sunita. A study an interactive elementary education (3-6) with multimedia. Int J Home Sci 2016;2(1):214-215.

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