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International Journal of Home Science

2015, VOL. 1 ISSUE 3, PART A

Handling Workplace Challenges through Life Skill Approach

Author(s): Anju Manocha
Working women in India are faced with lot more challenges than their counterparts in the other parts of the world. They have to handle harassment's at their work place, sometimes just over look things to ensure that their job is not jeopardized in anyway. The biggest challenge a woman is to face is from own self also. Many times she feels stretched between family and work, it is she who works for longer hours in home also to take care of needs of all family members. In case of married working women is they are not allowed by family members to go for business tour. Gender discrimination is another problem faced by women in case of pay. Even women professional are in high position in their office, they have to return from office in correct time, cook, clean and look after their family affairs. This makes them more stress and leads to some health problems. Another most difficult problem faced by working women who have small children is they forced to leave their child in daycare or in hands maid on whom they have little faith. This creates more tension in them and less concentrate on their work. This research is to find out more challenges faced by working women and how do they handle the work place stresses. One hundred and sixty women working at Panchkula were judged for handling stress using questionnaire. The results revealed that among mental, physical and emotional stress, respondents felt mental stress the most followed by emotional and then physical stress. Majority of the respondents felt need of creating strong support network system and communication for keeping stress at bay.
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Anju Manocha. Handling Workplace Challenges through Life Skill Approach. Int J Home Sci 2015;1(3):15-19.

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