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International Journal of Home Science

2023, VOL. 9 ISSUE 2, PART B

Adaptation of traditional motifs of gond painting for development of upholstery products using hand embroidery

Author(s): Dr. Mohini Gupta, Veera and Arti kumari
Gond is one of the important tribal art of Madhya Pradesh. The style of using many coloured dots and lines to construct up in a form of picture. Gond painting is related with Gond tribe, which has different unique creative motifs, signature patterns colour combination. Traditionally Gond painting was done on walls of the home to decorate them. It is this inherent belief that motivates the Gond to decorate their house and floors with traditional motifs. Traditionally, the creation of the painting occurs during a Hindu festival. Typical Hindu festivals when painting are created include: Karwa Chauth (where a wife prays for her husband’s long by fasting); Diwali (the festival of lights which signifies the victory of Good over Evil); and, Nag Panchami (celebration of the harvest of crops). Thus, the present study was planned. The study was conducted in Pushp Institute of Sciences and Higher Studies, Pilibhit. Motifs were collected from various secondary sources. The collected motifs were used to developed design sheets products like sofa cover and cushion cover. After development of design sheets, evaluation was done by frequency, percentage and ranks were assigned to developed design. The highest frequency, percentage points in each category of the designs were selected for development of final products. Finally, two products were developed by the investigator. All the products were appreciated by the consumer. Consumer also said that all the products made from Gond motifs using hand embroidery were very innovative and unique.
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Dr. Mohini Gupta, Veera, Arti kumari. Adaptation of traditional motifs of gond painting for development of upholstery products using hand embroidery. Int J Home Sci 2023;9(2):83-85.

International Journal of Home Science
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