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International Journal of Home Science

2023, VOL. 9 ISSUE 1, PART E

Post COVID weight change in adults in Ernakulum district

Author(s): Ashly Balanandan and Dr. Priya Pillai
Aim: To evaluate the post covid weight change.
Materials and Methods: The study was conducted in adult patients who were diagnosed with covid 19 admitted in an intensive care unit / non-ICU unit at hospitals in the Ernakulum district. Diagnosis of covid 19 based on positive SARS-CoV2 RT PCR test, initial weight (using weighing machine) and height (using stadiometers) was collected with the help of hospital record. On the day 30th after patient discharge, the data regarding post covid symptoms, nutritional status, self-evaluation of food intake, weight and performance status scale (PS) value was collected using questionnaire. The subjects measured their weight using a weighing machine and provided data through teleconsultations.
Results: Among 199 covid participants who had visited the clinic at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (Ernakulam) for checkup were included in the study. In the analysis, majority of 109 subjects (or 55.8%) were men and 90 subjects (45.2%) were women. With a mean loss of 1.33 kg, the comparison of weight before and after covid was shown to be statistically significant (p 0.001) with a mean decrease of 0.57. The comparison of BMI before and after covid was shown to be statistically significant (p 0.001).
Conclusion: This study shows that subjects who survived a severe COVID 19 had a high risk of persistent malnutrition due to weight loss. Improved nutritional support is required in clinical practice, particularly for patients who remain in the critical care unit. In order to improve nutritional status, screening for malnutrition should begin as soon as therapy is given due to these circumstances. The need of developing better care systems to enable recovery and adaptation to new disability following acute infectious illness is emphasized by this prospective observational research. Changes to the homecare healthcare systems will hasten recovery and lower the possibility of difficulties in the future.

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International Journal of Home Science
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Ashly Balanandan, Dr. Priya Pillai. Post COVID weight change in adults in Ernakulum district. Int J Home Sci 2023;9(1):300-303.

International Journal of Home Science
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