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International Journal of Home Science

2023, VOL. 9 ISSUE 1, PART A

The effect of COVID waves on dietary transformation among college going girls

Author(s): Chinmayee Pattnayak, Dr. Ila Joshi and Dr. Krishna Mishra
After the hit of COVID 19 the scenario of the world has been changed in all aspects. Mostly the students are affected, which is a major concern for the future of a nation. Whether it is study, education, areas like physical, motor, social, lifestyle or eating habits, they have gone through a vast transformation both physically and mentally during this period. All the three waves have created their own significance and panic among the people and students as well. The third wave was not that much fatal but there are many changes occur in terms of knowledge, attitude and practices of the students in dietary and food habits. So, the following study is about a comparative analysis based on Food and Dietary usuals of the students.
Objective: To find and compare the knowledge, attitude and practices of the students in terms of dietary and food habits during the COVID waves.
Methodology applied: Randomly 45 students between the age group 18-22 years were selected. A structured online questionnaire was given for the data collection on dietary habits during three COVID waves based on Knowledge, Attitude and Practices with a comparative analysis in the three waves. For the analysis statistical tools mean, regression has been used.
Result: Based on the study in the first wave students were bit not systematic in dietary terms but more inclined towards immunity, in the last wave were again lean towards the unhealthy junk foods. But during these three waves they learn about different nutrients, specifically immunity building foods and nutrients. They are now more interested in Nutrition related information, enjoying the outside food but still are regular and particular about health nutritional aspects of food.
Future implications: Above study encourages for different Nutrition education programs so that the young generation could be sensitized and also projects the development of easy and instant nutritious recipes for the target group for concentrated source of nutrients, specifically micronutrients.
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Chinmayee Pattnayak, Dr. Ila Joshi, Dr. Krishna Mishra. The effect of COVID waves on dietary transformation among college going girls. Int J Home Sci 2023;9(1):04-08.

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