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International Journal of Home Science

2022, VOL. 8 ISSUE 3, PART B

Perception of husbands regarding household chores: A survey of Bihar

Author(s): Dr. Kavita Kumari
Society always considers women as the care givers and men as the bread earner of the family. Generally men keep themselves away from household activities and women do most of the household work even they are employed. Why do men have less involvement in household activities? This question needs to be answered. The purpose of the study was to analyse perception of male regarding household chores. The present study was conducted in two towns of Bihar namely; Chapra and Patna. These towns have been selected purposively. 100 married male members from each town have been selected randomly for collecting the required data. Thus sample size comprised of 200 respondents. Data based on socio economic profile of the respondents revealed that 58.5 per cent husbands belonged to 40 to 50 years old and 95.5 per cent were either graduates or post graduates. Profession wise data showed that 62.5 per cent husbands were government employees followed by 27.5 per cent having business as main profession while 10.0 per cent husbands had private jobs.
Further, data pertaining to type of family revealed that about 68.5 per cent husbands belonged to nuclear family and rest were from joint families.
Data related to perception of husbands regarding household activities showed that about 42.5 per cent husbands assumed household activities as women’s responsibilities followed by 25.5 per cent husbands mentioned household chores unproductive because of unpaid nature of work while 12.5 per cent husbands said that household activities should be shared both by husband and wife.
Again, It was very surprised to know that about 12.0 per cent husbands thought that once they helped in household activities it would make their wives more demanding and rest 7.5 per cent husbands’ perception was that getting involved in household activities would degrade their reputation.
Thus, it may be inferred that a nearly 50.0 per cent of husbands considered household chores as women’s responsibility and one fourth of husbands considered household activities unproductive.
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International Journal of Home Science
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International Journal of Home Science
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