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International Journal of Home Science

2022, VOL. 8 ISSUE 2, PART E

Problem of female feticide in Maharashtra: A study

Author(s): Lumbini Ganvir and Dr. Sunita Balapure
In India, female infanticide and female feticide (early deliberate cessation of females with in uterus) remain serious issues. Female infanticide has become an issue for centuries, owing to Indian humanity's authoritarian structure. Female infanticide is the purposeful murder of female babies. Sex homicide, or "gendercide," is another word for that too. Female infanticide is just an ancient phenomenon that seems to have certainly responsible for a number of male deaths through history. Female person who dies & female murder are common social problems throughout India, resulting to the nation's severe gender disparity.
Women, who help compensate half of the national species, have already been persecuted, bullied, constantly used despite the native land, regardless of religious affiliation that practice, and despite the time period in which they reside. Women face several difficulties wherever they go. Female consensual incest is now being fostered by gender selection methods, whereas female homicide is now being promoted by economical difficulties. Even if the government is a tremendous catalyst for public change, it really can solve this systemic issue in itself.
Crime against women is a complete shame. Female fetal homicide is one of most heinous types of abuse towards women because it precludes a woman and her most basic as well as foundational capacity, especially "her freedom to live." Sex legalized abortions as well as a rise in female slaughter instances have become major social issues in some areas of India. It cuts among all castes, religions, as well as communities, as well as the North-South divide. Before they're born, girl children become targets of attacks. This research conducts a theoretical analysis of the magnitude of female premeditated murder especially in the state of Maharashtra.

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Lumbini Ganvir, Dr. Sunita Balapure. Problem of female feticide in Maharashtra: A study. Int J Home Sci 2022;8(2):271-277.
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