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International Journal of Home Science

2022, VOL. 8 ISSUE 2, PART E

Impact of COVID-19 on mushroom marketing in India

Author(s): Jolly Kumari and Dr. Renu Rani Jaiswal
Mushroom is a micro food fungus, which is seen the naked eye, whose body is rounded top or, umbrella - shaped, it is eaten as a vegetable and other products. It is full of high nutritional and medicinal properties, it contain high protein, fiber, vitamin D, antioxidants and low carbohydrate, fats, minerals, and cholesterol free, it called the power of house of nutrition. Mushrooms are only vegetarian source of vitamin D. COVID is serious infections respiratory disease, which has devastated the human life of the whole and brought the economy down. Corona pandemic is the biggest challenging for the all over world. Due to the lockdown in India, people of all classes had to face financial, health problems. The global pandemic corona affected India’s social, economic, political, educational, cultural, structure, physical and mental health as well as every outlook of life. In the initial days of the lockdown, there was a sharp drop in mushrooms and mushrooms products, such as like pickle, jam, juice, bread, noodles, biscuits, consumption ranging from 50 to 80%. Due to COVID, the mushroom consumption, market size, major vendors, growth factors, sales size, market share, volume cost structure were impacted. But due to the health benefits of mushrooms being full of medicinal properties, there was a positive effect on the mushroom market due to the strong share of the retailer and the increase in consumption with the cooperation of the consumer. Corona virus directly affects the immune system, mushroom have antivirus, antifungal, antibacterial, properties, which fight the corona virus and protects, the body from various diseases by increasing immunity. During COVID period, due to the consuming of mushrooms in the diet by conscious consumer demand increased in the market and some farmers tried to improves their income and economy health of the country by adopting mushroom cultivation. The worldwide lockdown affected the mushroom distribution channel structure. Due to the income of the farmers was affected but there was a positive effect on the mushroom market. In agricultural countries like India mushroom cultivation and marketing self- employment, business, and economic development can be a miracle for a healthy life.
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Jolly Kumari, Dr. Renu Rani Jaiswal. Impact of COVID-19 on mushroom marketing in India. Int J Home Sci 2022;8(2):267-270.

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