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International Journal of Home Science

2022, VOL. 8 ISSUE 1, PART D

Epidemiological study on diabetes in urban areas of Hazaribagh Jharkhand

Author(s): Shafroz Parween and Dr. Gayatri Sahu
Background: Epidemiological studies identifies the aetiological factors that lead to the pathogenesis of the disease. These informations are helpful in the planning and implementation of programs that are made to prevent, control and treat diseases. Epidemiological study on diabetes helps in identifying the people who are diabetic in the community, early identification help is lowering the rate of complications. Diabetes Mellitus, commonly called as diabetes is a chronic (long term) diseases caused due to insufficient production of the hormone insulin or when the body cannot effectively use the produced insulin.
Material and Methods: 375 subjects in the age group of 20 years and above were randomly selected for three urban areas of Hazaribagh. Three urban areas were randomly selected. Demographic data, anthropometric data, biochemical estimation was done of the study subjects. Data was put into excel sheet and results were calculated.
Results: In the present study out of total 375 respondents, 157 (41.86) of the respondents were male and rest 218(58.13%) were females. Out of total 375 study subjects 296 (78.9%) were from upper lower class, 77 (20.5%) from lower middle class and 2(0.5%) from lower class. Diabetes was found in 54(14.4%) of the study population. Pre diabetes was found in 42(11.2%) of the study population.
Conclusion: The prevalence of diabetes is increasing in all socio economic groups in India. Lifestyle changes and lack of physical activity are the most common reasons of the rapid rise in prevalence. Dietary patterns also play an important role. Strategies should be made to communicate the masses about the ill effects of being hyperglycemic and steps to reduce the same.
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Shafroz Parween, Dr. Gayatri Sahu. Epidemiological study on diabetes in urban areas of Hazaribagh Jharkhand. Int J Home Sci 2022;8(1):230-232.
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