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International Journal of Home Science

2022, VOL. 8 ISSUE 1, PART D

Vegetarian nutrition

Author(s): Jaiswal Apoorva and Dr. Gupta Alka
A vegetarian diet is a type of diet that excludes meats, or seafood’s, or sometimes even eggs and dairy. People choose to have a plant-based diet like that is called vegetarians, and some of them do so for the purpose of preventing and treating disease. Because of the higher intake of vegetables, grains, fruit, nuts and fiber from a vegetarian diet and lower intake of saturated fat and cholesterol, a vegetarian diet has health benefits in lowering the risks of getting chronic disease like obesity, cardiovascular disease, and maybe even cancer. However, some people believe that eating a plant-based diet might cause an increased risk of deficiency of certain nutrients. The evidence available suggests that through carefully planning their diets and eating fortified food or supplement regularly, vegetarians can certainly be able to meet their nutrition needs. In order to give people who are considering to become a vegetarian some information about the health benefits and suggestions of having a plant-based diet, in this article, we carefully describe and analyze the relationships between vegetarian diets and BMI, obesity, and cardiovascular disease, and then the relationship between vegetarian diets and mortality from the commonest causes of death and cancer.
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Jaiswal Apoorva, Dr. Gupta Alka. Vegetarian nutrition. Int J Home Sci 2022;8(1):210-214.

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