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International Journal of Home Science

2021, VOL. 7 ISSUE 2, PART A

A study on giloy herb as an immunity booster during pandemic COVID’19

Author(s): Pooja Arora and Preeti Dhankhar
With the evolution of world, humans are also evolving both physically and mentally. Innovation, growth, development has no doubt changed the way we live. With so many changes around us human body is also adapting this rapid development. This transformation into unhealthy lifestyle, junk eating, hectic work life balance, the nutritional value of human body requires changes and modifications. Immunity in humans plays an important role to defend them in this ever changing scenario. The main purpose of immune system is to protect the body from viruses and bacteria. Without it, they would have a free reign and the person would be constantly falling ill. Immune system works by recognising the difference between body's cell and alien cells, allowing it to destroy any that could occurrence be potentially harmful. A properly functioning immune system helps us go about daily life as we came into contact with germs and bugs from pet, other people and our environment. Without a healthy immune system, the person could pick up infections and infectious disease more easily, and the effects could be serious even fatal. Occurrence of unfortunate COVID'19 has increased awareness in sanitary habits and hygiene habits and perceptions. In this immunity is our sword to fight this pandemic. History of India provides with many herbs natural supplements, medicinal plants like aloe vera, giloy, tulsi, Ashwagandha etc. In this research paper we will see how giloy can fight corona virus by boosting immunity.
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International Journal of Home Science
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Pooja Arora, Preeti Dhankhar. A study on giloy herb as an immunity booster during pandemic COVID’19. Int J Home Sci 2021;7(2):33-38.

International Journal of Home Science
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