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International Journal of Home Science

2020, VOL. 6 ISSUE 3, PART A

A study of development of general interests in adolescents between 16 to 20 year in Dhanbad district of Jharkhand

Author(s): Sangita Kumari and Dr. Asha Kumari Prasad
Background: Adolescence is a developmental phase characterized by many physical, emotional, and social changes. During this phase, adolescents develop idiosyncratic interests crucial for the development of self, real-life choices, future orientation, and general well-being and these interests are important determinants for engagement and achievement in school. Interest is a psychological concept.
Objective: There are some basic objective of this research.
1. To study the interests of adolescents girls and boys between 16 to 20 years.
2. To study the difference in the interests of girls and boys.
3. To study the impact of age in their interests.
Method: In the present study was conducted on 80 students from private and government school of Sindri town of Dhanbad district of Jharkhand. The data were collected by using pre tested, semi- strolled, interviewer administered pre designed questionnaire.
Results: A total of 80 participants were assessed from different age groups for research. After analysis, we found that 27.06% girls are interested in social service, in art and literature 20.63%, in science 16.62% and in sports only 15.62 % girls are interested. In boys 24.6% are interested in sports, 21,9% are interested social service, 18.5% boys are interested in science and 17.5% are interested are arts and literature. According to age impact we found some differences in their interest Here the result shows that girls at the age of (16 to 20) are more interested in social service than boys at same age.
Conclusion: This study concluded that in adolescents age need to target teens should be encouraged to grow in good direction through education and healthy environment. Outcomes show that adolescent daily life included a diverse range of parallel interests. This indicates how multiple contexts can simultaneously feed interests, something that calls for further across context research of interest development.
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International Journal of Home Science
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Sangita Kumari, Dr. Asha Kumari Prasad. A study of development of general interests in adolescents between 16 to 20 year in Dhanbad district of Jharkhand. Int J Home Sci 2020;6(3):08-10.

International Journal of Home Science
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