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International Journal of Home Science

2020, VOL. 6 ISSUE 2, PART G

Metacognition and its correlated: A study

Author(s): Meera Rani, Dr. Krishna Duhan and Sumit
Present study is an attempt to study the impact of metacognition on the home environment and mental health of adolescents. Metacognition refers to higher order thinking which involves active control over own thought process. A person with good metacognitive skills and awareness uses these processes to oversee his own learning process, plan and monitor ongoing cognitive activities and to compare cognitive outcomes with internal and external standards. Role of family is of paramount importance in shaping and molding the thoughts and personalities of the adolescents. Parent’s child relations are narrowly connected with important traits of adolescent’s emotional, social and cognitive development. Who have received a good home environment, better conscious level and a supportive and helpful relationship with parents and positive attitudes from parents those adolescents can mentally perform well. Data were collected from 300 adolescents studying in 10th, 11th and 12th standard in Hindi medium Govt. Senior Secondary School. Metacognition Awareness Inventory (MAI) by Schraw and Dennison (1994) was used for assessing metacognition. Home Environment Inventory (HMI) by Mishra (1983) was used for measuring home environment. Mental Health Inventory (MHI) by Jagdish and Srivastava (1983) was used for assessing mental health. Results revealed that both home environment and mental health showed positive and significant impact on metacognition.
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International Journal of Home Science
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Meera Rani, Dr. Krishna Duhan, Sumit. Metacognition and its correlated: A study. Int J Home Sci 2020;6(2):403-409.

International Journal of Home Science
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