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International Journal of Home Science

2019, VOL. 5 ISSUE 2, PART G

Fashion potential in traditional Indian clothing: Legacy of queen

Author(s): Dr. Kirti Tewari and Shruti Tripathi
The present study shows that the eminence of Indian fashion design on global fashion scenario. Indian fashion designers are now focusing on the immense potential of traditional Indian fashion trends to infuse modern style element into diversification of Maheshwari fabric and sarees. The objective of the study was – to create a new market segment for weavers, to give new dimension to the traditional textile, and to make artisans create a niche in market according to the fashion trends. The hypothesis of the study was – To give artisans the exposure of global market scenario by creating the fabric according to designers and keeping alive the royal heritage with new dimensions. For research Methodology the samples had been taken from Maheshwar, Bagh, Bhairavghar, Tarapur. To study the heredity influence the questioner was prepared and filled by artisans. The design orientation program was conducted to make artisans aware of latest fashion trends and global market. At the end feedback was taken from the artisans regarding the orientation program.
The study proves that this will be a strong step in the direction of traditional textile of Madhya Pradesh and will give the exposure of global market. With these efforts the clothing in India had undergone a drastic change for the benefit of weavers also. Indian fashion designers had refined and popularized the traditional Indian clothing and textiles on the map of world.
Indian traditional textiles and clothing is an old saga. The history of Indian traditional textiles comes from one of the established civilizations of the globe. The first reference to this can be found from the Indus valley civilization (3000B.C – 1700 B.C). The beauty of Indian textiles spread far and wide even during the ancient trade. The historic Indian literature reveals some interesting facts that Indian traditional textiles were an integral part of religious rituals and ceremonies.
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International Journal of Home Science
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Dr. Kirti Tewari, Shruti Tripathi. Fashion potential in traditional Indian clothing: Legacy of queen. Int J Home Sci 2019;5(2):417-419.

International Journal of Home Science
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