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International Journal of Home Science

2018, VOL. 4 ISSUE 1, PART A

The effect of transformational leadership on the effectiveness of madrasah management

Author(s): Nana Suryapermana and Neng Eulis
The definition of leadership is advanced by some experts but it depends on the perspective of each unit of analysis. According to Wahyudi the leadership is; The ability of a person in moving, directing also influence the mindset, the workings of each member to be independent on working, especially in the decision-making for the benefit of accelerated achievement of the goals set [1]. Whereas According to Muhyi Leadership is: Leadership or lead activities is an effort that people do with all their ability to: influence, encourage, direct and mobilize people who led so they will work with passion and confidence in achieving organizational goals [2]. Experts define leadership according to the characteristics, behaviors, influences on others, patterns of interaction, the relationship of roles and place to an administrative position. The philosophy of education says that leadership can be interpreted as the interpersonal influence undertaken in certain situations. And directed through the process of communication in the direction of achieving one or several specific purposes "(Weschler 1961). According to Wahjosumidjo, in the practice of organization, the word "lead" has the connotation of moving, directing, guiding, protecting, nurturing, giving example, giving encouragement, giving help and so on. From the notion of leadership, it basically contains common assumptions, such as (1) in a group phenomenon involving the interaction between two or more persons, (2) in involving the process of influence, in which the intentional influence is used by the leader against subordinates.
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Nana Suryapermana, Neng Eulis. The effect of transformational leadership on the effectiveness of madrasah management. Int J Home Sci 2018;4(1):17-22.

International Journal of Home Science
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