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International Journal of Home Science

2017, VOL. 3 ISSUE 3, PART F

Rani Gowry Lakshmi Bai: Abolition of slavery in Travancore

Author(s): Renjini P and Dr. C Natarajan
Slavery the terrible evil, that existed in Kerala particularly in Travancore even from the early period of her history. It is in fact a universal evil. As far as the origin of slavery is concerned with the beginning of the caste system in Travancore. Generally people were categorised as Brahman, Kshetriya, vaishiyas and Sudras. Of these the Sudras were considered as the Dalits and might have been reduced to the status of slaves. From here slavery began to develop in Travancore. Slavery and Slave trade are common in that period. In the early period of human life slavery might have had its crude and primitive nature. The main reason for the so called situation is lack of education that reduced their thinking capacity. In some areas of Travancore there were some kinds of badge used by the Dalit people for showing them as slaves. For example pulayas of Kollam used ornaments, made out of stones and metals. They had no right to use gold and silver. Generally these ornaments were known as “Kallumala”. These kallumala were absolutely the symbol of slavery. many social reformers came forward for eliminating this slavery. But unfortunately they were failed to eliminate completely. The arrival of missionaries marked a turning point for the abolition of slavery in Travancore, particularly the works of lady Missionaries like Mrs. Mead and Mrs. Mault among the slaves. For this purpose they concluded many treatises, particularly after the discussion with Rani Gowry Lakshmi bai. The treaties of 1795 and 1805 played a leading role in this respect. At the same time the contribution of Rani Gowry lakshmi bai’s contribution is everlasting and ever remembering. For saving the dalit from the state of slave she introduced number of reforms. By the proclamation of 1812, Rani gowry lekshmi bai issued a notification to the abolition of slavery. In short in this article i intended to give a clear picture about the slavery, abolition of slavery and contribution of Rani Gowry Lakshmi bai. anyhow we know that slavery and slave trade existed even still in different part of the world. So in that sense we blessed with the abolition of slavery.
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International Journal of Home Science
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Renjini P, Dr. C Natarajan. Rani Gowry Lakshmi Bai: Abolition of slavery in Travancore. Int J Home Sci 2017;3(3):336-339.

International Journal of Home Science
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