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International Journal of Home Science

2017, VOL. 3 ISSUE 1, PART F

Alcohol use: An exhaustive review

Author(s): Priyanka Shukla and Dr. Indu Bansal

Alcohol is a common and avoidable cause ofrnmorbidities and mortalities among students and the general population globally.rnThe use of alcohol is on the increase, both in quantity and prevalence, inrndeveloping countries. The use and abuse of alcohol is widespread amongrnstudents. The goal of the current review is to focus on primary consequences ofrnalcohol consumption and policies for their prevention. Alcohol is arnpsychoactive substance which has an effect on people in many ways. Alcoholrnconsumption is linked to many harmful consequences such as traffic accidents,rnworkplace-related problems, family and domestic problems, and interpersonalrnviolence etc. for the individual drinker, the drinker’s immediate environmentrnand society as a whole which have been receiving more public or researchrnattention in recent years. Adolescents should be warned against getting intornthe grip of social evils like alcoholism. So, it is important to havernculturally specific and contextualized interventions and health educationrnmethods against alcoholics. Therefore, its consumption is a public healthrnproblem which not only harms the person who consumes it but also harms thernfamily and the society too in general. Therefore, this review paper can helprnand shape the efforts of communities to reduce the negative consequences ofrnalcohol consumption. It also assists health practitioners in advisingrnconsumers, and help individuals make informed decisions about drinking.
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International Journal of Home Science
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Priyanka Shukla, Dr. Indu Bansal. Alcohol use: An exhaustive review. Int J Home Sci 2017;3(1):359-364.

International Journal of Home Science
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