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International Journal of Home Science

2017, VOL. 3 ISSUE 1, PART E

Creation of consumer awareness on care of textiles

Author(s): Dr. Kanikicherla Rani
Consumers are individuals who purchase for the purpose of individual or household consumption. Consumer buys a product looking for certain specific qualities from that product. Clothing along with food and shelter has been recognized as one of the basic necessities of every individual and it fulfils many of his physical, social, psychological, emotional, aesthetic and economical needs. Proper care of clothing keeps it in good condition and increases its life. One of the most important problems in maintaining a satisfactory appearance in clothing is the removal of soil that accumulates during wear and storage. Soiling of clothes may be in the form of deposited dirt or absorbed impurities because of perspiration. Unless these soils are removed the clothes develop a bad odor, which is not conducive to good health. Dirt is not only a menace to health but also affects the appearance of the garment, the comfort of a wearer and the quality of the garment. Since clothes come into close contact with the body, cleanliness of clothing is an essential prerequisite for health and elegance. Clothing care includes activities like washing, drying, pressing and storage. 
The main propose of washing is to remove soil or dirt from the fabric. All garments must be cleaned frequently as over soiling leads to fiber disintegration. Factors influencing the performance of fiber and its quality are water, soaps, detergent, and mode of washing, stiffening, blueing, drying and ironing. Some attention to the way in which clothing is stored may help to prolong the life of textile products. A garment when given intelligent care will last longer, perform better and look better than one that is neglected.
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Dr. Kanikicherla Rani. Creation of consumer awareness on care of textiles. Int J Home Sci 2017;3(1):291-296.

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