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International Journal of Home Science

2017, VOL. 3 ISSUE 1, PART C

Women empowerment through value addition in agricultural produce

Author(s): Dr. Mandeep Sharma
Majority of the farming families in Punjab have marginal to small land holdings and their income is also very less. To enhance the income level and living standard of those farming families there is an urgent need to provide their family members particularly women an occupation based training like preservation of seasonal fruits and vegetables, which not only provides them an occupation but also develop entrepreneurial characteristics amongst them. These trainings are also useful for rural women as they can add more value to the seasonal fruits and vegetables by making Pickle, Murabbaa, Chutney, Jam, Sharbat etc. These trainings enhance their family income by around 30-40 thousands /annum. They fetch more prices of their raw produce after processing, moreover during peak production times. Instead of direct marketing, they did value addition of their produce and then sell them, it increased the value and prices of their products by many folds. After giving them training they are motivated to go for self marketing of their produce at domestic and village level. About 200 farm women have received training in the year 2013-14 and nearly 64 of them have adopted this at commercial and domestic level. These trainees were imparted training on preparation of Pickles, Jam, Chutney, Murabaa, and Squashes etc. They were highly satisfied with the training they received. Similar way these trainings can change the life style and income level of farming families comprehensively.
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Dr. Mandeep Sharma. Women empowerment through value addition in agricultural produce. Int J Home Sci 2017;3(1):163-166.

International Journal of Home Science
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