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International Journal of Home Science

2017, VOL. 3 ISSUE 1, PART C

Health status of female farm labours

Author(s): Dr. Varsha S Zanvar and Aruna R Kharwade
The present investigation was designed to assess the health status of randomly selected 500 female farm labourers i.e. 250 each from urban slums and rural area of Parbhani District of Marathwada region of Maharashtra state. The study involved anthropometry, food consumption pattern, nutrient intake and haemoglobin estimation of selected 500 female farm labourers. Results revealed that the height, weight, BMI, MUAC, waist circumference, hip circumference and WHR of selected female farm labours from different socio-economic group ranged between 150.28 + 5.80 to 151.32 + 4.96 cm, 47.77 + 8.63 to 51.05 + 9.53 kg, 20.87 + 3.42 to 22.52 + 3.98, 24.99 + 3.22 to 26.06 + 3.84 cm, 72.05 + 8.10 to 76.35 + 10.15 cm, 86.13 + 7.63 to 90.55 + 9.10 cm and 0.83 + 0.06 to 0.86 + 0.08 respectively. It is observed that on the basis of BMI, 57.00 to 64.00 percent female farm labours were normal, 12.8 to 25.6 per cent were categorized under over weight category whereas remaining were suffering from with one or other degree of under nutrition ranged from 16 to 28 percent. Further in both the age groups (21-30yrs and 31-40yrs) mean food intake was near about same. Whereas rural and vegetarian labours shown better consumption of all foods except fats and oils and meat and meat products. When comparison was made between different income groups with respect to consumption of mean food intake, it was noted that difference was very meager. Intake of different nutrients was better in higher age group (31-40yrs), rural and vegetarian respondents. Further it was observed that there was not much difference in intake of different nutrients when compared between different income levels. The haemoglobin values of selected female labours as per different socio-economic conditions were ranging from 9.83 ± 1.48 to 10.22 ± 1.32.
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International Journal of Home Science
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Dr. Varsha S Zanvar, Aruna R Kharwade. Health status of female farm labours. Int J Home Sci 2017;3(1):141-145.

International Journal of Home Science
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