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International Journal of Home Science

2016, VOL. 2 ISSUE 3, PART G

A study on development, analysis and supplementation of instant greens tea for anaemic adolescent girls

Author(s): S Balasaraswathi
Nutrition influences the growth, development, health and well-being of adolescents. Iron supplementation is one of the important strategies, which helps to prevent and treating the iron deficiency anaemia. By keeping these aspects in view, the present research work on “A Study on Development, Analysis and Supplementation of Instant Greens Tea for Anaemic Adolescent Girls” has been taken up. Three different varieties of Instant greens tea were developed by using cauliflower leaves, guava leaves, lemon leaves, jaggery and cardamom and Standard instant greens tea was used as control sample. To find out the overall acceptability, organoleptic evaluation was done with the help of 10 panel members. Based on this study, Sample B got more scores than sample A, sample C and control. Selected Instant greens tea (Sample B) and control were selected for nutrient analysis. Nutrient analysis of an instant greens tea projects that except fat all other nutrients such as moisture, energy, protein, fibre, ash, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, and iron are higher than the control. Microbial analysis was carried out to find out shelf life of the instant greens tea. In this study, survey was conducted to find out the socio economic of the adolescent girls. Hb test indicates that majority (88.9%) of the respondents had moderate anaemia and the remaining 11.1% come under the category of severe anaemia. Selected anaemic adolescent girls were supplemented with five grams of instant greens tea for a period of six months. After six month of supplementation Hb level of the adolescent girls increased drastically. It was also proven statistically.
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S Balasaraswathi. A study on development, analysis and supplementation of instant greens tea for anaemic adolescent girls. Int J Home Sci 2016;2(3):413-416.

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