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International Journal of Home Science

2016, VOL. 2 ISSUE 3, PART E

Creating social awareness among parents through standardized electronic booklet about different parenting styles

Author(s): Sharma S and Bhatnagar B
Presently most of the social issues are specially related to the children as the teenagers have become so different, which is leading the community on the different track. The most prevailing social issues like juvenile delinquency, drug addiction, school drop outs, domestic violence, suicidal instances and criminal activities are continuously rising. It is very surprising that all such issues are somehow connected with the parenting styles. Due to over possessiveness, neglected parenting and permissive parenting, these cases are catching fire in our society. Keeping in mind the rising ratio of social issues related to teenagers and to inculcate effective parenting skills among parents to create awareness among parents, the present study was undertaken for the parents of teenagers of Bikaner city with the aim to standardize the electronic booklet on different Parenting Styles to see into the grass root level of such crimes. To give a gift of education to the parents who further educate their children and ultimately give gifts to the community by raising diamonds in their family with effective parenting. The researcher developed the e-booklet on different parenting styles. e-booklet was evaluated by 30 experts and exposed to 60 randomly selected subjects to see the impact on knowledge of the parents about Parenting Styles. Pretest-posttest action research was conducted in three phases. In first phase, pretest was done through questionnaire to assess the existing knowledge of parents followed by the post test through same questionnaire after being exposed to e-booklet and in final phase, the scores of pretest and post test were computed to find gain in knowledge of parents. The major findings revealed that there was definite and positive impact of aid on the subjects regarding Parenting Styles after being exposed to e-booklet. Evaluation of the e-booklet showed that the content, illustrations and evaluation procedures to impart knowledge regarding Parenting Styles were suitable and acceptable by the parents.
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Sharma S, Bhatnagar B. Creating social awareness among parents through standardized electronic booklet about different parenting styles. Int J Home Sci 2016;2(3):296-299.

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