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International Journal of Home Science

2016, VOL. 2 ISSUE 3, PART B

Efficacy of iron rich biscuits on the hemoglobin status of the patients in Allahabad

Author(s): Ammatul Fatima and Dr. Sangita Srivastava
The present study was carried out to develop an iron rich biscuits and its impact on hemoglobin level of the patients in Allahabad. Mean Hb of subjects were appeared to be 7.7 gm/dl. Clinical investigation observed that 100% subjects were suffering from anemia, out of which 45% of subjects were showing the signs of iron deficiency anemia like pale conjunctiva (48%) and pale nails (34%). The biscuits were assessed in a food laboratory. After analysis, it was found that biscuits fortified with spirulina were significantly high in various nutrients. The spirulina fortified biscuits contained 2.55 percent moisture, 6.25 percent proteins, 20.43 percent fat, 1.18 percent crude fibre, 4.07 percent ash, 288.98 percent calcium, 115.92 percent phosphorus and 3.94 percent iron whereas control samples contained 2.77 percent moisture, 4.49 percent proteins, 17.59 percent fat, 0.68 percent crude fibre, 3.08 percent ash, 214.15 percent calcium, 54.34 percent phosphorus, 1.87 percent iron respectively. An intervention was done for the subjects in two group i.e. experimental and control. Experimental group received iron rich biscuits for 45 days and control group did not receive such supplementation. Intervention program brought out the significant (P<0.05) increment in hemoglobin level as 1.66 gm/dl in experimental group and not significant increment noted for control group. Hence the intervention was significantly effective for correcting iron deficiency anemia.
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Ammatul Fatima, Dr. Sangita Srivastava. Efficacy of iron rich biscuits on the hemoglobin status of the patients in Allahabad. Int J Home Sci 2016;2(3):65-67.

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